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Larix Industries

Larix Industries Limited is a technology solutions provider and consultancy firm founded by a team of professionals with deep knowledge across multiple different fields including biotech, mechanical and electrical engineering, advanced manufacturing, optoelectronics, supply chain management and many more.

We aspire to bring all of our combined expertise to create innovative solutions for clients, no matter the industry. Any client of ours can expect a smooth, flexible and comfortable cooperation as well as a reliable and effective solution at the end of any given project. We pride ourselves on our core values, and will always fully commit to your needs.

Laser Cut Steel

Our Core Values

Learn what makes us tick


We will always place your interest before ours and protect your intellectual properties.


We always make ourselves accountable. No matter how small the error, you can rest assured knowing that we are working on it.


We always ensure that we are sufficiently prepared and knowledgeable before taking on any project.


Active communication, participation and quality after-sales support are all things to expect while working with us.


We pour our hearts into the projects we do. There is no detail too small, no vision too big. 

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