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Image by Ant Rozetsky

Our Fields

Larix Industries operates in a broad array of fields. No matter the industry, you can rest assured that Larix can propel your business forward using expert knowledge, outside-the-box thinking, and seamless solution integration. We also offer professional consulting services on top of being a solutions provider. If your industry is not listed here, feel free to send us a message.

Communication Tower


We provide materials and supply chain management solutions to telecommunication companies both domestic and overseas.

Fibre Optics


Our knowledge in the engineering field allows us to provide optoelectronic solutions for recreational, biomedical and many other applications.

Fire Hoses

Health and Safety

We develop innovative automatic fire alarm systems, hardware, as well as security devices for construction and government clients.

Wavy Circles


We have designed patented systems for IoT device tracking, authentication and product life monitoring.

Warehouse Shelves

Supply Chain Management

We offer supply chain management services for many industries, from medical to recreational products.

A group of women at a business meeting


We are more than happy to share our experience with you to aid you in your endeavors.

3D Manufacturing Printer

Product Development

We offer complete and partial product development services. Our flexible work style and broad knowledge base allows us to adapt to any project you throw at us.

Programming Console

Web Development

We take on projects both big and small. We have experience from web-based AI voice recognition software, to ecommerce pages.

Graphic Designer

Computer Aided 3D Design

Our engineering experience allows us to designed tailored mechanical and electronic parts and products for any application.

Image by Ant Rozetsky

Take a look at some of our projects

We pour our hearts and professional knowledge into every project we receive.

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